Actos Lawsuit Alleges Drug Linked to Bladder Cancer Risk

Girard Gibbs recently filed a federal Actos bladder cancer lawsuit against Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Company. The lawsuit follows an FDA Actos warning and alleges that the companies failed to warn people about an increased risk of bladder cancer linked to Actos, the nation’s top selling diabetes drug. These lawsuits have prompted some to wonder if Actos will be recalled, but so far the FDA has only approved a new Actos warning label.

A. J. De Bartolomeo, one of the lead Actos lawyers in the case, stated in a press release: “When a manufacturer decides not to provide full disclosure of the potential risks from a medication, doctors and patients cannot make informed decisions about what drug is right for them, and as a result, people suffer injuries unnecessarily.”