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Airbag Defect Lawsuits

Concerned about an Airbag Defect?

Airbags are critical to the safety of a vehicle's driver and passengers, but defects in these airbag safety systems can create hazardous and potentially life-threatening situations.

When an auto manufacturer is aware of a defect in its vehicle's safety system, it generally has a duty to address and correct that problem. When the manufacturer fails to disclose a known problem, consumers have important legal rights with which to hold the manufacturer accountable. Girard Gibbs LLP represents consumers in car & auto lawsuits involving airbag and related safety systems defects.

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Our Record Fighting for Safe Airbags

  • In a class action filed on behalf of BMW 5-Series owners, we negotiated a settlement providing owners with free seat occupation system repairs.  In a statement concerning the settlement, the court said that "Class Counsel displayed skill in achieving a highly favorable result that confers significant benefits on a large number of people while addressing an issue of societal importance - public safety."
  • We represented owners of 2004-2006 Hyundai Elantras in a class action alleging a failure by Hyundai to disclose that the front airbags would sometimes fail to activate. Under the settlement we negotiated, Hyundai sent out notice to its customers informing them of the airbag problem and offering free repairs. The settlement also provided free rental cars for customers who had the repairs performed.
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