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Representing Drivers in Car & Auto Class Action Lawsuits

Girard Gibbs LLP has represented millions of vehicle owners across the United States in class action lawsuits, delivering significant recoveries and benefits ranging from cash reimbursements to free repairs and rental vehicles.

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Ford Focus

Ford Focus Defective Door Latch Investigation

Our auto defect attorneys are investigating reports of door latch failures in 2012-2013 Ford Focus sedans and hatchbacks. According to dozens of consumer complaints, the doors will not latch or will unlatch. Some have reported doors opening in moving cars. An unlatched door can pose a significant safety risk to the driver and passengers at any speed.


Jeep & Chrysler Transmission Investigation

Our auto defect attorneys are speaking with drivers about transmission problems in 2014 and 2015 Jeep Cherokees and 2015 Chrysler 200 vehicles. Consumers have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) stating that their vehicles hesitate when starting and after braking, stall while driving, accelerate uncontrollably, and fail to properly shift gears.

VW factory

EPA: VW Cheated Emissions in 3.0L Diesels

On November 2, 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued letters to Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche informing them that government testing had shown that these automakers installed emissions defeat device software into additional vehicles. Specifically, regulators identified several 3.0L diesel engine models that include defeat device software, including the following models:

Dodge truck

Dodge Ram Steering Defect Injury Lawsuit

Our attorneys are speaking with drivers and loved ones of Chrysler Dodge vehicles who have been injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents caused by the unexpected loss of steering control in certain Dodge trucks.

cadillac srx

Cadillac SRX Leaking Sunroof Investigation

Our auto defect attorneys are investigating reports of sunroof drain leakage and subsequent electronics failures in 2010-2012 Cadillac SRX vehicles. According to consumer complaints, the sunroof drain hoses in 2010-2012 may cause water to leak into the vehicle’s interior, which can damage interior components like wiring, electronic modules, and carpet. The drain hose material may shrink, causing the drain hoses to detach from the dash or sunroof allowing water to leak into the vehicle.

VW logo

Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Lawsuit

After years of marketing and selling so-called “clean diesel” vehicles, Volkswagen has admitted to installing illegal software designed to cheat federal and state emissions testing in certain diesel Jetta, Passat, Golf, Beetle, Audi A3, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, and Porsche Cayenne vehicles manufactured after 2008. Our attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit alleging Volkswagen defrauded consumers when it marketed and sold these “clean diesel” vehicles.


Volkswagen Lawsuit Resources

Three days after Volkswagen admitted to federal regulators that it used illegal software to cheat emissions tests on certain of its 4-cylinder diesel cars, Girard Gibbs LLP filed a class action lawsuit to protect the rights of Volkswagen and Audi drivers.


Exploding Sunroof Dangers

Panoramic sunroofs have been increasing in popularity since first appearing on American vehicles in the mid-2000s. As of 2011, more than 33% of new vehicles sold or made available in the U.S. featured a sunroof, a number the Wall Street Journal cites as a fourfold jump from 1990. Auto makers hoping to capture market share of drivers after that bright, spacious feeling are increasing the size and surface area of their panoramic sunroofs, and transforming them from luxury upgrade to economy upgrade, or even a standard feature. But the rise of panoramic sunroofs has also precipitated a rise in consumer complaints about the safety issues they pose – namely, a reduction in vehicle rollover strength, and the danger of spontaneously shattering glass.


Hyundai Sonata Engine Failure Lawsuit

We have reached a proposed settlement with Hyundai to resolve litigation concerning 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata engine failures, In re Hyundai Sonata Engine Litigation , Case No. 5:15-cv-01685 (N.D. Cal.).


Honda Pilot Acceleration Hesitation

Attorneys with Gibbs Law Group are speaking to consumers and investigating reports of acceleration hesitation in Honda Pilot vehicles. According to consumer complaints, vehicle hesitation occurs when accelerating from low speeds or low RPMs or from a stop, and lasts for a few seconds before the acceleration kicks in and the vehicle surges.

GM Ignition Switch Recall Class Action Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs has filed a lawsuit in California alleging that for over 10 years General Motors covered up information about an ignition switch defect that resulted in hundreds of injuries and fatalities.


Toyota & Lexus Melting Dashboard Lawsuit

On October 1, 2014, Girard Gibbs filed a lawsuit against Toyota Motor Sales, USA and Toyota Motor Corporation alleging that Toyota equipped certain vehicle models with defective dashboards. According to the complaint filed in the case, the dashboards melt and become sticky in heat and sunlight, emit noxious chemical smells, and take on a reflective surface quality. Light reflecting off an affected dashboard can temporarily blind the driver, the complaint alleges, endangering everyone on the road.


Mazda Melting Dashboard Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs filed a class action lawsuit against Mazda on October 3, 2014, for allegedly selling vehicles that have defective, melting dashboards. According to the complaint, “Mazda sold the vehicles without first telling consumers that Mazda opted to install dashboards in the vehicles that do not withstand exposure to sunlight, melt, emit a noxious chemical smell, and take on a reflective quality.” The lawsuit also alleges that: “When the dashboards become reflective, drivers trying to see through the windshield have to struggle to see past the image of the dashboard in the windshield.” The class action suit is brought on behalf of consumers in the United States who owned or leased a 2009-2011 Mazda 3 or Mazda 6 car.

Takata Airbag Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

A class action lawsuit has been filed in federal court alleging that Japanese auto supplier Takata Corporation supplied Honda, GM, Toyota, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Mazda car manufacturers with potentially defective airbags that may rupture on activation, spraying shrapnel at drivers and passengers. The lawsuit has been brought against Takata, as well as a host of auto manufacturers whose vehicles may contain the potentially defective airbags.


Chrysler Defective Steering Class Action

Our attorneys filed a nationwide class action lawsuit on October 3, 2014, against Chrysler, alleging that certain Chrysler-manufactured Dodge Ram trucks have a defective steering system. According to the complaint, certain 2009-2012 Dodge Ram trucks are equipped with a defective steering system that causes the trucks to experience broken tie rods, which can cause loss of steering control, and can also experience severe shimmying at high speeds.


Nissan Melting Dashboards Lawsuit

On November 11, 2014, our attorneys and co-counsel filed a class action case against Nissan alleging that Nissan cars in Florida have defective dashboards that melt and become shiny, sticky, and reflective when exposed to sunlight.

Hyundai and Kia MPG False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit

On January 14, 2013 Girard Gibbs consumer lawyers filed a class action lawsuit against Hyundai and Kia for overstating the miles per gallon (MPG) ratings for more than a third of the vehicles they sold in the United States in the last two years. After an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigation, Hyundai and Kia lowered these MPG ratings by 1-6 miles per gallon and admitted to the overstated and inaccurate ratings that they advertised.

Yamaha Outboard Corrosion Lawsuit Investigation

Girard Gibbs is investigating consumer complaints concerning Yamaha outboard motors. Consumers who have purchased first generation (2002-2004) four stroke outboard motors and reported a rapid buildup of corrosion on internal parts, as well as dry exhaust corrosion. Consumers claim that despite proper service and maintenance, certain first generation outboard motors have corroded to a point of impaired function and necessitated significant repairs or replacement.

Volkswagen (VW) & Audi Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Girard Gibbs filed a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen of America on behalf of owners and lessees of 2001-2003 Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, New Beetle, GTI and Golf vehicles, as well as Audi A4, TT and A6 vehicles. The class action suit alleged that the vehicles’ ignition coils were defective and presented a potential safety concern to drivers of affected vehicles. The class action contended that Volkswagen violated consumer protection laws by concealing a known problem about its ignition coils.

Mitsubishi, Dodge, & Chrysler Class Action Settlement: Wheel Rim Auto Defect Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs and co-counsel filed class action lawsuits across the country, representing nearly 400,000 class members nationwide against Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. and DaimlerChrysler Corp. The class action lawsuits alleged that Mitsubishi and Chrysler failed to tell their customers about the wheel rim problems, which posed a potential safety risk to consumers, even after learning of the problem. The class action lawsuits alleged violations of various California, Missouri, and Kansas consumer protection laws.


Toyota Prius HID Headlight Class Action

Girard Gibbs’ car & auto lawyers and lawyers from other firms filed lawsuits alleging that Toyota failed to tell its customers about a problem with the HID headlights on 2006-2009 Toyota Prius vehicles. According to the lawsuits, the headlights prematurely fail by flickering or turning off intermittently, often requiring costly repairs. Although Toyota has denied these claims, Girard Gibbs LLP is pleased to announce that the parties reached a proposed settlement that has been granted final court approval. Reimbursement checks are expected to begin going out by mail by December 2011. When a more precise date is known, it will be posted here.

Hyundai Tiburon Class Action Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs LLP filed a class action complaint in federal court in 2006 involving the 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. The complaint alleged that though Hyundai knew the vehicles’ flywheel and clutch parts failed prematurely, it sold the vehicles without telling customers and later refused to cover repairs under warranty.

Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid Class Action Lawsuit

A nationwide class action is pending in New Jersey federal court on behalf of Mercedes-Benz owners and lessees relating to the Tele Aid systems installed in their vehicles. The Plaintiffs allege that Mercedes-Benz failed to inform its customers that the analog only Tele Aid systems in their vehicles would become obsolete in 2008 unless they paid hundreds of dollars for a digital upgrade. Plaintiffs allege that Mercedes-Benz knew as early as 2002 that the FCC would no longer require cellular providers to support analog cellular phone services but did not begin informing its customers that this would adversely impact their analog Tele Aid systems until late 2006.

Interstate Batteries Class Action Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs’ auto fraud lawyers filed a class action lawsuit concerning Interstate Batteries’ pro-rated car battery warranty. The warranty entitled customers whose original battery failed to purchase a replacement battery at a prorated discount price based on how long the original lasted. The lawsuit alleged the warranty did not comply with warranty laws and that Interstate breached its warranty and violated consumer protection laws such as the Consumers Legal Remedies Act by overcharging for pro-rata replacement batteries.


Ducati Plastic Fuel Tank Class Action

In November 2010, Girard Gibbs LLP filed a national class action lawsuit alleging that the plastic fuel tanks on certain Ducati motorcycles are defective because they degrade and deform due to an incompatibility with the motorcycles’ fuel. On January 12, 2012, the Court fully approved a settlement that provides an extended warranty and repairs for fuel tank expansion issues, including cosmetic imperfections.

BMW Class Action Lawsuit: 3 Series (E46) Sub-Frame

Girard Gibbs and co-counsel filed a national class action lawsuit against BMW in federal court in Los Angeles, California. The class action lawsuit alleged that 1999-2006 BMW 3 series vehicles suffer from defective sub-frames and that BMW was aware of the alleged defect, but failed to notify consumers or pay for sub-frame repairs under warranty. The lawsuit additionally alleged consumer fraud, deceptive advertising, and that BMW had implemented a secret warranty program.

BMW 5-Series Airbag Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Girard Gibbs filed a class action lawsuit against BMW in California Superior Court, Los Angeles County. The class action alleged that BMW failed inform its customers of a known problem in the seat occupation detection system and that by concealing the defect, BMW was able to sell and charge more for the vehicles than they would have otherwise. The lawsuit alleged that BMW’s failure to fix this problem violated various consumer protection and warranty laws.

Hyundai & Kia Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Girard Gibbs’ false advertising lawyers filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of U.S. Hyundai and Kia owners and lessees, contending that Hyundai continued to advertise false horsepower ratings in the United States even after the Korean Ministry’s findings. The class action complaint alleged that Hyundai and Kia were able to sell more vehicles and charge more per vehicle because of the deceptive advertising.

Hyundai Elantra Airbag Class Action Lawsuit

Owners of 2004-2006 Hyundai Elantras from across the country reported experiencing problems with their front airbags. Owners reported that the passenger airbags would sometimes fail to activate, leaving the passenger vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident.