LifeLock, a credit/identity monitoring system, is in the news again after several customers have become the victims of identity theft while supposedly under the protection of the LifeLock. A KTVU news affiliate in California discovered a local woman’s identity was stolen despite her 18 month subscription to LifeLock’s protective services. More »

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning letter to cosmetic company Lancome USA, a subsidiary of L’Oreal, regarding the advertising of various anti-aging skin care products. More »

Class action lawsuits against Natural Balance, Inc., and Boiron USA, Inc., are part of a recent surge in false advertising lawsuits relating to the marketing of herbal remedies, supplements, and homeopathic drugs. More »

Class action lawsuits against Kashi Co. and AriZona Beverage Co. are part of a recent trend of false advertising lawsuits alleging that companies have improperly labeled certain food and beverages as “all natural.” More »

In February 2011, consumers filed a false advertising lawsuit against Ferrero U.S.A., Inc., based on allegations that the company falsely advertised its popular product, Nutella, as being nutritious. More »

Class action lawsuits against Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. and Snapple Beverage Corporation are just a few recent examples of misleading food label lawsuits alleging that certain products are not actually “all natural.” More »

In October 2009, consumers filed a false advertising lawsuit against The Coca-Cola Company alleging false health claims about the VitaminWater drink line. More »

The law firm of Girard Gibbs LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers and distributors of the Brazilian Blowout hair straightening treatment. More »