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Girard Gibbs represents individuals and businesses in cases involving consumer protection, personal injury, securities, antitrust, whistleblowers, and employment laws. The firm has litigated cases against some of the world’s largest companies, and has earned a reputation for its skillful advocacy and impressive recoveries obtained on behalf of the firm’s clients.

Below is a listing of the cases we are currently litigating or investigating. For more information about a particular case, or to discuss a potential new case with our attorneys, please complete the form to your right or call us toll-free at (866) 981-4800.

Case or Investigation
Dasboards Derretidos
Dashboards que se derritan, se hacen pegajosos, y se ponen brillosos
Yahoo Email Scanning Class Action
Illegal scanning and analyzing of emails sent to and from Yahoo Mail email addresses
Acura TLX Transmission Investigation
Rough shifting and hesitation in Acura TLX vehicles
Binary Options Scams Investigation
Violation of federal and state securities laws involving binary options
Honda Pilot Investigation
Acceleration hesitation and vehicle surging
Scarpo v. California Physicians’ Service, D/B/A Blue Shield of California
Blue Shield's inaccurate in-network provider lists that result in members' claims being denied or underpaid
Peskin v. California Physicians' Service, D/B/A Blue Shield of California
Wrongful denial of claims based on failure to account for payment of deductibles
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