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Girard Gibbs represents a wide range of individual and business clients in cases involving consumer protection, personal injury, securities, antitrust, and employment laws. The firm has litigated cases against some of the world’s largest companies, and has earned a reputation for its skillful advocacy and impressive recoveries obtained on behalf of the firm’s clients.

Below is a listing of the cases we have successfully resolved, as well as the cases we are currently litigating. For more information about a particular case, or to discuss a potential new case with our attorneys, please complete the form to your right or call us toll-free at (866) 981-4800.

Girard Gibbs LLP is investigating potential claims on behalf of investors who purchased the common stock of Servergy, Inc. concerning possible violations of the anti-fraud provisions of federal and state securities laws.   Servergy is a Nevada Corporation headquartered in Texas that was formed in August 2009 for the purpose of developing and manufacturing the Cleantech 1000 Server (“CTS-1000”), which can be used in software-defined networking, network function virtualization, distributed storage, and cloud computing, according to the company.  The...
On November 24, 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment took its computer systems offline after a group of hackers breached into the company’s network. The group that has claimed responsibility for the breach, Guardians of Peace, hacked into Sony Pictures’ computer systems, preventing staff from logging into their computers or accessing their corporate email accounts. The LA Times reported that the hackers warned Sony Pictures that they had obtained, and planned to release, internal company information. At the time, it was unclear what information had been taken, and cyber security...
On November 11, 2014, Girard Gibbs and co-counsel filed a class action case against Nissan alleging that Nissan cars, including certain Altima and Infiniti models, have defective dashboards that melt and become shiny, sticky, and reflective when exposed to sunlight.  According to the lawsuit, when the dashboards become reflective, drivers have to struggle to see past the image of the dashboard in the windshield. The glare from the dashboard can obstruct the driver’s vision, putting the driver at risk of hitting other cars or pedestrians. The lawsuit alleges that at least two...
Girard Gibbs filed a nationwide class action lawsuit on October 3, 2014, against Chrysler, alleging that certain Chrysler-manufactured Dodge Ram trucks have a defective steering system. According to the complaint, certain 2004-2012 Dodge Ram trucks are equipped with a defective steering system that causes the trucks to shake uncontrollably and can cause the steering system to fail abruptly.  The Chrysler death wobble complaint was filed in United States District Court for the Central District of California. The case is entitled Richard Samuel v. Chrysler Group LLC and is assigned...
Girard Gibbs LLP and Greg Coleman Law are investigating consumer complaints that certain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems potentially contain evaporator or condenser coils that can crack or corrode. Consumers report that this may allow refrigerant to leak and cause air conditioning systems to stop working, necessitating expensive repairs.   Leaking coils reportedly cause HVAC systems to fail Evaporator and condenser coils are an integral part of any HVAC unit’s cooling system. The coils carry pressurized refrigerant – commonly Freon, but...
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