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Girard Gibbs represents a wide range of individual and business clients in cases involving consumer protection, personal injury, securities, antitrust, and employment laws. The firm has litigated cases against some of the world’s largest companies, and has earned a reputation for its skillful advocacy and impressive recoveries obtained on behalf of the firm’s clients.

Below is a listing of the cases we have successfully resolved, as well as the cases we are currently litigating. For more information about a particular case, or to discuss a potential new case with our attorneys, please complete the form to your right or call us toll-free at (866) 981-4800.

Our attorneys are investigating consumer complaints about transmission problems in 2015 Acura TLX vehicles. TLX drivers report transmissions that shift roughly, hesitate for several seconds before shifting, and that may react as if the vehicle had shifted into neutral while driving. Complaints about Acura TLX rough shifting and hesitation Complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration state that the alleged problem is that the “transmission is jerky,” that the “vehicle often hesitates,” and that the TLX “does not shift...
Girard Gibbs LLP is investigating potential claims on behalf of investors who lost money investing in binary options via brokers and trading platforms such as SpotFN, EmpireOption, GrowOption, SpotOption, and SpotOption Xchange. Girard Gibbs is investigating possible violations of federal and state law, including laws against solicitation of unregistered securities in the United States, illegally withholding client funds, identity theft, and wire and mail fraud. On June 1, 2013, the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and the CFTC’s Office of Consumer Outreach...
Attorneys with Gibbs Law Group are speaking to consumers and investigating reports of acceleration hesitation in Honda Pilot vehicles. According to consumer complaints, vehicle hesitation occurs when accelerating from low speeds or low RPMs or from a stop, and lasts for a few seconds before the acceleration kicks in and the vehicle surges. Consumer complaints about Honda Pilot sporadic hesitation and surging Honda Pilot owners who have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration describe the alleged problem as a “2-5 second hesitation”...
President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) establishes the Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace, an online marketplace where individuals who do not qualify for health insurance through their employer or other sources may shop for and obtain private health coverage. In California, the Marketplace is called Covered California, and it implements the insurance exchanges taking place between the residents of the state and participating private health insurance providers, such as Blue Shield of California. Blue Shield and other private providers administer Covered California health...
Health insurance plan subscribers are commonly required to pay an annual deductible before insurance companies will cover the cost of health services.  A deductible amount is established by the policy, and subscribers pay full price for medical services until the deductible is satisfied. Once the deductible is satisfied, the insurance company begins to reimburse providers for a portion of medical costs, and the subscriber pays a predetermined co-payment amount. For certain subscribers of Blue Shield of California’s PPO health plans, however, satisfying the deductible has not...
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