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Consumer Fraud

Fighting Fraud & Defending Consumers Nationwide

When companies use fraud to deceive or take advantage of consumers, they unfairly profit while consumers and competitors pay the price. Fortunately, there are remedies under various federal and state consumer protection laws to hold these companies accountable and to stop consumer fraud from happening in the future.

For decades, Girard Gibbs’ consumer lawyers have fought fraud, representing consumers from across the country against some of the nation’s largest and most powerful corporations. For example, after several years of litigation we recently resolved a Hyundai Tiburon class action lawsuit, providing cash reimbursements to consumers nationwide who had paid repair or rental car expenses. In another recent instance, we achieved a settlement in a class action against H&R Block, in which nearly $20 million was returned to affected consumers.

Our consumer fraud class action lawsuit practice

Fraud can occur in virtually any industry. To combat fraud and protect consumers, federal and state consumer protection laws provide consumers rights and protections. Our consumer attorneys have held companies accountable for a variety of different frauds, including:

• Auto Fraud Financial Fraud • Investment Scams
Bait-and-switch fraud Franchise Fraud • Loan Fraud
Bank Fraud Insurance Fraud • Phone Fraud
Billing Fraud Internet Fraud

Fraudulent practices can range from breach of warranty and failure to disclose, to the various cases our false advertising lawyers handle such as deceptive advertising and bait and switch.

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