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Representing employees in class and collective action lawsuits nationwide

Girard Gibbs’ employment lawyers have represented thousands of employees across the United States in employment class and collective action lawsuits, successfully prosecuting cases under the WARN Act and the FLSA as well as off-the-clock work and unreimbursed business expense violations. The firm’s employment attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in damages in several high profile cases.

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Pedro’s Restaurant Unpaid Wages and Meal & Rest Break Lawsuit

On June 22, 2015, Gibbs Law Group attorney Steven Tindall, along with Arthur Navarette and Rukin Hyland LLP, filed a proposed class and PAGA representative action lawsuit on behalf of hourly employees of Pedro’s Restaurant and Cantina. The lawsuit generally alleges that Pedro’s failed to provide legally required meal and rest breaks to these employees and failed to pay them for time that was actually reported on their time cards. Pedro’s employees allege that, in doing so, Pedro’s violated various provisions of the California Labor Code.

Wells Fargo Overtime & Meal Break Lawsuit

Gibbs Law Group LLP and co-counsel currently represent current or former employees of Wells Fargo in a proposed class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo alleging that certain employees were not paid for all the hours that they worked, including overtime after eight hours in a day or after 40 hours in a week.

Coco’s & Carrows Mass Layoffs Lawsuit

In August 2015, our attorneys filed a consolidated class action complaint against Catalina Restaurant Group, the parent company of Coco’s Bakery and Carrows Restaurants. The complaint alleges that Catalina, without legally required advance notice, terminated nearly all of the employees at Catalina’s corporate headquarters as well as thousands of restaurant employees and managers in April 2015.

The Scooter Store WARN Act Class Action Lawsuit

The employment lawyers at Girard Gibbs LLP, Ramsey Hill LLP, and the Law Offices of Israel Garcia filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of former The Scooter Store employees. The lawsuit alleged that The Scooter Store failed to provide employees at its New Braunfels, Texas headquarters and at sales and distribution facilities across the country with advance notice of layoffs, as required by the federal Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. News reports indicate that The Scooter Store has been letting go or placing hundreds of employees on furloughs this month.

Acosta Merchandiser Class Action Lawsuit

On September 9, 2013, the Court granted final approval to a $9.9 million settlement that will resolve a nationwide class and collective action lawsuit alleging that Acosta’s merchandisers were not paid for all hours worked under the FLSA and California Labor Laws and were not sufficiently reimbursed for all work-related expenses.

Fleetwood WARN Act Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of former employees of Fleetwood Enterprises alleging that Fleetwood violated the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (“WARN“). After Fleetwood Enterprises filed for bankruptcy, Girard Gibbs pursued the class action in bankruptcy court.

Cosmo Merchandiser Employment Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs and co-counsel filed a class action lawsuit against Cosmo alleging that merchandisers were not paid for time spent uploading data and photos from their PDAs before and after their scheduled shifts. The class action lawsuit alleged that Cosmo violated California labor & employment laws by not paying merchandisers for this required “off-the-clock” work.  The lawsuit sought to recover back-pay for the merchandisers employed in California.

First Franklin Overtime Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs and co-counsel negotiated a settlement with First Franklin in the class and collective action lawsuit, which was difficult given the state of the financial services industry after the crash of the housing market. The settlement was approved by the court and First Franklin’s account executives received back-pay.

Spansion WARN Act Lawsuit

In 2009 Girard Gibbs and co-counsel filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of former Spansion employees. The lawsuit alleged that Spansion failed to provide the terminated employees from California and Texas with advance notice of the layoff, as required by the Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (“WARN Act”).