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False Advertising

Our History of Combating False Advertising

For over two decades, Girard Gibbs’ false advertising lawyers have fought false and misleading advertising on the behalf of consumers and small businesses. Our attorneys have litigated against some of the largest corporations—successfully resolving cases against Apple Computer, Inc., Hyundai Motors America, Inc., Tyson Foods, Inc., and others—and have returned millions of dollars to our clients while putting an end to the deceptive practices.

Identifying and Stopping False Advertising

False advertising can involve statements that are either false, or which are misleading because they do not mention important facts one would expect to be told. For example, claiming that a truck has more horsepower than it does, that a food is sugar-free when it actually contains sugar, or not mentioning an important fact, can all be forms of false advertising.

Because false advertising can harm both consumers and competing businesses, false advertising laws have been passed to allow for lawsuits to put an end to a misleading business practice and to reimburse those who were harmed by one. Our attorneys have successfully litigated a number of false advertising lawsuits including suits that involved:

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