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Insurance Fraud

Defending victims of insurance frauds & scams

Consumers rely on various forms of insurance, including health, life, auto, and home-owners insurance. Every year, however, many consumers become victims of insurance frauds and scams, often costing them thousands of dollars.

At Girard Gibbs, our attorneys represent victims of insurance scams and fraud, enforcing their rights under various consumer protection laws and fighting to recover their losses. In the Blue Shield class action lawsuit, for example, Girard Gibbs’ consumer lawyers recovered $6.5 million on behalf of Blue Shield of California customers who alleged their premiums rose by as much as 40% with no warning or opportunity to switch to a comparable plan.

Types of Insurance Scams & Fraud

Insurance is one of the more expensive and important items a consumer can purchase. Less than honest companies can take advantage of this by making false promises and other misrepresentations to induce consumers to sign up for their policies. Some common insurance scams involve:

Another way consumers can be taken advantage of is through a practice known as “force-placed insurance.” Force-placed insurance is when a homeowner fails to make their insurance payments, and their property lender steps in and buys an insurance policy on their behalf, passing along the costs to the consumer. Force-placed insurance may violate lending and consumer protection laws if lenders force consumers into unreasonable insurance policies or accept commissions or kick-backs for establishing force-placed insurance with certain companies.

Report an Insurance Scam or Fraud

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