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Mitsubishi Fuel Economy Lawsuit Investigation

Consumer protection attorneys at Girard Gibbs are investigating reports that Mitsubishi Motors overstated fuel economy ratings for at least twelve of its vehicles. Affected models sold in the United States include, but are not limited to:

    • Outlander
    • Outlander Sport
    • Montero

Did you purchase a Mitsubishi Outlander, Outlander Sport, or Montero?

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Fuel Economy Scandal

The Japanese Transport Ministry found that Mitsubishi overstated the fuel economy for some of its vehicles by as much as 8.8%. On average, fuel economy on affected models was 4.2% lower than advertised. Mitsubishi responded to the Transport Ministry’s findings by conceding that it had a “lax approach to compliance.”

Mitsubishi has admitted to using improper fuel-economy test methods since 1991. Earlier this year, Mitsubishi admitted that it falsified fuel economy data relating to four of its “minicar” models, which it primarily sells overseas.

Fuel Economy Lawsuit Experience

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Eric Gibbs serves in leadership roles in federal cases against Ford and Hyundai & Kia concerning overstated MPG ratings. We also represent VW drivers affected by the emissions scandal. Read more about our auto lawyers’ experience.