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Off-the-Clock Work

Are you being paid for all hours worked?

Working outside of one’s scheduled work time without pay is generally known as working “off-the-clock.” Failure to pay employees for off-the-clock work is one of the more common violations of federal and state wage and hour laws.

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Examples of off-the-clock work violations

Off-the-clock violations occur in many industries and jobs. Some types of jobs, such as those in retail stores, restaurants, call centers, and manufacturing plants are particularly susceptible to off-the-clock violations because there are often routine work activities that employees do at the beginning and end of their shifts.

Some examples of possible violations of off-the-clock work laws include:

  • Being required to attend pre-shift meetings without pay.
  • Starting up computers or other equipment before the start of your shift without pay.
  • Being required to check or respond to voicemails and emails when you are not on the clock.
  • Clocking out to lock up or do other store closing work.
  • Being required to clock out for rest breaks.
  • Being required to clock out to run work related errands (such as picking up supplies or equipment).
  • Being required to change in and out of uniforms at work (“donning and doffing“).
  • Uploading and downloading information to a company website or server.

Questions about off-the-clock work?

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