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SEC Whistleblower

Report financial industry fraud and earn rewards

According to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, an SEC whistleblower is any individual, or group of individuals, who voluntarily provide information relating to securities law violations to the government. 

Under the Dodd-Frank Act, any whistleblower who makes a claim for an award may be represented by a lawyer. Whistleblower lawyers can help file a claim anonymously, and work with the government to ensure that the proper award is paid.

SEC Whistleblower Program rewards 

The Dodd-Frank Act expanded existing whistleblower provisions by creating the SEC whistleblower reward program, and a similar whistleblower program for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The program allows for whistleblowers to receive financial rewards for their role in disclosing information about securities law violations to the SEC or Commodity Futures CFTC.

In order to receive compensation, whistleblowers must satisfy SEC Whistleblower Rules set by the Dodd-Frank Act.

Dodd-Frank Act whistleblower protections

In addition to financial rewards, the Dodd-Frank Act prohibits employers from retaliating against whistleblowers, who may sue for reinstatement if terminated for their participation in a whistleblower lawsuit.

The Act also allows for the strongest whistleblower confidentiality provisions in federal whistleblower law, allowing whistleblowers to report fraud anonymously.

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