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On May 31st, Daniel Girard, will speak on a panel titled The Judicial Perspective & Rule 23 Committee Update at the Class Action Litigation Conference in Chicago, Illinois. This one day conference will host speakers and panel discussions covering topics like “Battleground” Discovery, Ethical Issues in Class Action Practice, Supreme Court Update, to name a few. Perrin Conferences provides acclaimed, neutral forums showcasing thought leaders from all perspectives in U.S. litigation. For more information and conference registration, click here.

Daniel Girard will serve as an attorney panelist for this national series sponsored by the American Bar Association addressing how to promote efficiency and improve the chances for success in motion practice. The program features two panel discussions, each including local district judges, magistrate judges, and plaintiffs’ and defense counsel, discussing problems with current practices, and offering improved approaches for resolving interlocutory disputes. Mr. Girard will serve on the attorney panel alongside U.S. District Judges James Donato and Beth Labson Freeman, and U.S. Magistrate Judges Elizabeth Laporte and Sallie Kim. The panel discussions will be moderated by U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel, now director of the Federal Judicial Center.

Eric Gibbs, David Stein and Amy Zeman will be presenting at the upcoming Mass Tort Med School and Class Actions Conference on March 13-15th in Orlando, Florida. The conference, presented by HB Litigation Conferences, will provide a deep dive into a variety of issues of importance to practitioners, including the science and medicine of mass torts, a focus on trends and developments in current cases, the impact of the changing political climate on class and mass actions, and identifying opportunities that intersect mass torts and class actions.

Bloomberg Law Federal Contracts Report TM published an article this week on the recent dismissal of a False Claims Act Whistleblower case in which one of the company’s engineers charged Raytheon, a large defense contractor, with making false statements about the status of a $1 billion weather satellite program and concealing defects about the technology, while continuing to bill the federal government for the contract. In dismissing the False Claims Act lawsuit, the California judge called the whistleblower complaint “incomprehensible” due to a lack of clarity, grammatical errors and technical jargon.

On February 24, 2017, Girard Gibbs partner Dena Sharp will present at the 2017 Impact Fund Class Action Conference, on the subject “Class Actions Gone Wrong: How to Avoid Filing Bad Cases and What to Do When Your Good Case Goes Bad.” The panel will discuss how to anticipate potential issues and obtain the best outcome for your client or class.

On November 23, 2016, Eric Gibbs was appointed by Judge Holden of the District of Arizona to the Plantiffs’ Executive Committee in a lawsuit involving a massive data breach at Banner Health. Banner Health announced in August 2016 that a significant data breach may have exposed the personal health and other sensitive information of up to 3.7 million individuals (including patients, health plan members, providers and food/ beverage customers); it was one of the largest data breaches of 2016 based on number of individuals impacted.

A.J. de Bartolomeo and Karen Barth Menzies presented at the recent “MDL Conference,” sponsored by Harris Martin Publishing. AJ presented a summary briefing on the due process requirements of class action notice and the related proposed amendments to the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23. Karen’s discussion highlighted cases involving proton pump inhibitor heartburn medications, such as Nexium and Prilosec.