Wells Fargo Overtime & Meal Break Lawsuit

Gibbs Law Group LLP and co-counsel currently represent current or former employees of Wells Fargo in a proposed class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo alleging that certain employees were not paid for all the hours that they worked, including overtime after eight hours in a day or after 40 hours in a week. The lawsuit seeks to recover unpaid wages and related penalties for certain affected employees.

The case also alleges that these hourly banking employees did not take 30-minute uninterrupted meal periods, and some individuals participated in call nights, but were not paid for all of the time they worked. According to the complaint, due to various Wells Fargo policies and practices, including the simultaneous pressure to meet demanding sales goals while also keeping overtime to a minimum, these hourly banking employees were required to work off the clock and through meals without compensation.

Current or Former Banker with Wells?

If you worked for Wells Fargo as a CSSR, Business Specialty Banker, Premier Banker, or Personal Banker, our lawsuit may affect you. Call or message us to learn more about the case and understand your legal rights. All consultations are free and confidential.


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Read the complaint in the Wells Fargo Employment Class Action here.

The case is called Wells Fargo Wage and Hour Cases, Case No. JCCP004821 and is currently pending in the Alameda County Superior Court of California.

Wells Fargo Employees Affected

The Wells Fargo overtime class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the following current or former employees who worked for Wells Fargo in California in these positions at any time from August 2008 until the present:

  • Customer Sales and Service Representatives (CSSRs)
  • Business Specialty Bankers
  • Premier Bankers
  • Personal Bankers

A class action is a lawsuit in which one person or a small group of people file a case on behalf of a larger group of people, alleging that their own claims are similar enough to the claims of the larger group that it is fair for the court to decide all of their claims in one case. We have brought this case as a proposed class action.

Simply alleging that a case should be a class action, however, is not enough. We must demonstrate to the court that the facts of the case and the legal questions involved mean that it makes sense to litigate the claims of the proposed class members (that is, the CSSRs, the Business Specialty Bankers, the Premier Bankers, and the Personal Bankers) together in one lawsuit.

Our Experience Representing Employees

Our employment attorneys have over two decades of experience representing employees in cases concerning violations of state and federal employment regulations.

Our cases have resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients in litigation concerning overtime law, missed meal and rest breaks, employee misclassification, retirement benefits, and the WARN Act.

Past Successes

Acosta $9.9 million for unpaid overtime and business expenses
Spansion $8.5 million for employees laid off without proper notice
Masco Backpay for workers who were misclassified
Fleetwood Backpay for employees laid off without proper notice
Cosmo $1 million for merchandisers who were not compensated for off-the-clock work
First Franklin Backpay for workers who were not paid overtime
Slice 1 BLF 2017