Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit

Our personal injury lawyers have filed numerous lawsuits on behalf of breast cancer survivors who allege the use of Taxotere (generic docetaxel) during chemotherapy treatment has resulted in permanent, disfiguring hair loss. According to the lawsuits, Taxotere manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis knew as early as 2005 that the drug may cause permanent alopecia in as many as 9.2% of Taxotere patients, and intentionally withheld this information from the medical community and the public.

Read copies of some of the Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuits filed by here and here.

Permanent Hair Loss After Chemo?

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Our National Leadership in the Taxotere Case

Karen Menzies

Judge Kurt D. Englehardt has appointed Karen Menzies as Co-Lead Counsel in the national Taxotere Multi-District Litigation, comprised of dozens of cases filed against Sanofi-Aventis alleging a link between Taxotere and permanent alopecia.

As Co-Lead Counsel, Karen and three colleagues also appointed to the leadership team will coordinate and manage the efforts of plaintiffs’ law firms across the country and their clients who suffered lasting hair loss after chemotherapy treatment with Taxotere.

Karen Menzies was also recently appointed by her peers to serve as Co-Chair of the American Association for Justice Taxotere Litigation Group.

Karen has more than twenty years of experience in mass tort litigation and a history of practice in women’s health issues. Courts across the country have appointed her to serve in leadership positions in some of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical cases, including the Zoloft Birth Defect Litigation, Lexapro/Celexa Birth Defect Litigation, and Transvaginal Mesh Litigation.

Karen believes in advocating for drug safety and has testified before FDA advisory boards and the California State Legislature on drug safety concerns and drug manufacturers’ conduct.

Amy Zeman

Amy Zeman represents a wide variety of clients in injury cases, including individuals harmed by transvaginal mesh, the birth-control medications Yaz and Yasmin, the diabetes drug Actos, and the anti-psychotic medication Risperdal. Led by Amy, our personal injury lawyers are currently working to settle claims on behalf og women who suffered organ perforation, vaginal scarring, and other injures as a result of transvaginal mesh implants that eroded, contracted, or adhered to other abdominal organs.

2016-KMB-Formal-ID-643916Kristen Boffi manages client and public relations for the firm and develops media strategies to inform and reach breast cancer survivors affected by Taxotere. Kristen works directly with our Taxotere clients to learn their stories and understand their needs. Previously, while working as Senior Litigation Assistant with the firm, Kristen facilitated claims and settlement disbursements for dozens of women in the Yaz Litigation.

Our team also represents women who were injured by the Mirena IUD and Essure permanent birth control, contraceptive devices that may break inside the body, perforate other organs, or migrate to other organs.

Our Pharmaceutical Litigation Experience

In addition to our work with women injured by pharmaceutical drugs and devices, we represent individuals who contracted bladder cancer after taking Actos diabetes drugs, people who suffered internal bleeding injuries while taking Pradaxa blood thinners, adolescent boys who developed breast growth after taking Risperdal, and men who suffered cardiovascular complications after taking prescription testosterone supplements.

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Taxotere & Permanent Hair Loss

Temporary hair loss is a well-known side effect of chemotherapy treatment. However, thousands of women who have been treated with Taxotere or docetaxel report little to no hair regrowth, or non-uniform, patchy, hair regrowth, as long as six months to several years after their last chemotherapy treatment – at which time a dermatologist may diagnose permanent alopecia.

With or without a Taxotere alopecia diagnosis, women suffering from permanent hair loss after breast cancer chemo with Taxotere report complete baldness, bald spots, or thinning on the crown of the head, similar to male pattern baldness. Taxotere hair loss may also include thinning or bald spots on the sides of the head, a receding hair line, or a drastic change in hair’s thickness. Some breast cancer survivors have reported the loss of all body hair as a result of Taxotere, including eyelashes and eyebrows.

After Taxotere: Rogaine and Other Hair Regrowth Strategies

Women experiencing Taxotere hair loss have reported attempts to spur hair regrowth with Rogaine or Rogaine for women, liquid iron supplementation, topical creams, essential oils, Nioxin, or other pharmaceutical or natural remedies. Still other women opt to wear hats, scarves, or even wigs months or years after their chemotherapy treatment has ended.

Women with permanent, disfiguring hair loss as a result of treatment with Taxotere allege that even in remission they will never again be well or completely free of cancer, nor perceived as such by their peers; and that permanent alopecia has robbed them of their femininity, sexuality, and respect.

Taxotere MDL

The Taxotere lawsuits filed nationwide are not class action lawsuits; rather, they are individual personal injury lawsuits that have been grouped together in coordinated judicial proceedings, also referred to as a mass tort lawsuit or multidistrict litigation (MDL). Additionally, many state courts, including California, have state-specific procedures for coordinating lawsuits filed in state courts.

In a class action lawsuit, one plaintiff or a small group of plaintiffs act as class representatives and represent the interests of a larger group of people experiencing the same problem as the plaintiffs. Class representatives bring a case against a company on behalf of a class of people, and demand a certain type of relief or compensation to be shared equally by the members of the class.

In a mass tort lawsuit or MDL, however, plaintiffs represent themselves or their loved ones for injuries suffered as a result of a defective pharmaceutical, medical device, or other products. Though the plaintiffs in a mass tort lawsuit each bring their case against the same defendant, the injuries each plaintiff has suffered and the amount of compensation they seek for the injuries may differ.

Taxotere Lawsuits Consolidated in Louisiana Court

On October 4, 2016, over 33 Taxotere lawsuits filed in 16 judicial districts nationwide were consolidated into one litigation – MDL no. 2740 – in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt will preside over all pretrial proceedings for the dozens of women who allege that Sanofi-Aventis intentionally withheld information about permanent hair loss associated with its Taxotere chemotherapy drug.

Coordinating the dozens of individual Taxotere cases that have been filed into a mass tort lawsuit will allow the court to resolve any factual and legal questions common to all of the injured women in a more cost-efficient and timely manner than if the lawsuits proceeded individually.

What the Lawsuits Allege

No Hair Loss Risk Warning on Taxotere Label Until 2015

Our California Taxotere lawsuit alleges that Sanofi-Aventis was aware of the risk of permanent alopecia associated with Taxotere as early as 2005, and that the company advised physicians, patients, and regulatory authorities in the European Union and Canada of these risks.

Despite this, from the time the drug received FDA approval in 1996 until December 2015, the warning label on Taxotere in the U.S. bore no mention of permanent hair loss risks, even stating that “hair generally grows back” – a claim that was removed from the product labeling in 2000.

Women are Denied the Option of a Safer Taxotere Equivalent

According to the lawsuit, Sanofi-Aventis not only failed to warn patients and physicians about hair loss risks, but also deprived women of the option to treat with Taxol, a less potent and equally effective chemotherapy treatment that with Taxotere is one of two drugs used in chemotherapy treatments throughout the country.

Unlike Taxol, Taxotere is primarily synthetic, and is twice as potent. In numerous scientific studies, Taxotere’s potency was not proven to increase its efficacy or confer added benefit in non-metastatic cancer treatment, but in fact proved to be less tolerable and produce more adverse side effects in patients than the more-mild Taxol.

If given the choice, the lawsuit alleges, women would surely opt for the less potent, equally effective alternative chemotherapy drug that could have spared them the anguish of permanent baldness.

California Taxotere Lawyers

Girard Gibbs’ first Taxotere lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Southern California breast cancer survivor who suffers from permanent hair loss on her head and body following chemotherapy treatment with Taxotere. According to the lawsuit, Taxotere’s manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis failed to inform both our client and her treating physicians in California about the increased potency and toxicity of Taxotere that puts breast cancer patients at risk of permanent hair loss.

Our Taxotere attorneys also represent women in Northern California and Central California suffering from permanent alopecia after breast cancer chemotherapy with Taxtoere or docetaxel.

Girard Gibbs’s personal injury lawyers are based in California, with office locations in San Francisco, Oakland, and El Segundo. Though we represent injured clients across the United States, our Taxotere lawyers have extensive experience in California state and federal courts.

  • Partner Eric Gibbs currently represents thousands of clients in consumer and personal injury litigation in state and federal courts throughout Los Angeles County, including his current service as Co-Liaison Counsel in the Risperdal case consolidated in California State Court in LA.
  • A.J. de Bartolomeo leads a team of our personal injury lawyers litigating the Essure Permanent Birth Control cases consolidated in a Judicial Council Coordinated Proceedings (JCCP) in California State Court.
  • Our personal injury lawyers also represent dozens of women in California State Court diagnosed with ovarian cancer after habitual use of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products.

Taxotere TV Ads

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We encourage our potential clients to interview each law firm to make sure the firm is a good fit and that it can properly address the clients’ needs and expectations from a lawsuit.

Unlike the firms responsible for many of the television advertisements, our Taxotere lawyers handle your case personally and litigate it from start to finish. Our team members are always available to discuss the details and progress of your case at any time.

What is Taxotere?

Taxotere (docetaxel) is a chemotherapy drug prescribed to cancer patients that is administered intravenously. Taxotere is a brand-name drug manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis. Docetaxel is the generic version of Taxotere.

Taxotere and docetaxel belong to a class of drugs called taxanes – mitotic inhibitors that stop mitosis, or cell division, implicated in cancer. The isolation of taxanes was a monumental discovery in the treatment of cancer, and taxanes remain an integral part of chemotherapy cancer treatment today.

In addition to treating breast cancer, Taxotere and docetaxel are also used in chemotherapy treatments for certain lung cancers, stomach cancer, and head and neck cancers.

Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Makers of Taxotere

A qui tam lawsuit has also been filed against Sanofi-Aventis by a former employee who alleges that the company engaged in illegal marketing practices when promoting Taxotere, and that the drug maker provided illegal kickbacks to physicians to entice them to use Taxotere.

According to the lawsuit, Sanofi-Aventis trained and directed its employees to market Taxotere for off-label uses not approved by the FDA, and subsequently provided physicians sham grants, speaking fees, travel, entertainment, sports and concert tickers, and other inducements in exchange for Taxotere prescriptions.

As a result of these efforts, the lawsuit alleges, Sanofi-Aventis increased revenue from $424 million in 2000 to $1.4 billion in 2004.

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